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Online Hybrid

Submitted by MCATSingapore on Tue, 2020-03-03 16:20
The Online Hybrid Course combines all the perks of the Group Class and Personal Coaching. The Group Class comprehensively cover the MCAT syllabus with our expert Coaches. Then polish your skills and tackle your weaknesses through Personal Coaching.

Our Online Group Course will take you through:

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS)

  • Question Types, Strategies and Practices


  • Topic 1: Kinematics & Dynamics; Work, Power & Energy; Momentum
  • Topic 2: Thermodynamics; Fluids & Elasticity; Waves & Sound; Light & Optics
  • Topic 3: Electrostatics; Electricity; Electro-Magnetism; Quantum Physics

General Chemistry:

  • Topic 1: Atomic & Molecular Structure; Thermodynamics; Phases & Gases; Kinetics
  • Topic 2: Equilibrium; Acids & Bases; Electrochemistry; Chemistry Lab Techniques

Organic Chemistry:

  • Topic 1: Fundamentals; Structures & Stability; Aldehydes & Ketones
  • Topic 2: Carboxylic Acids; Amino Acids & Proteins; Carbohydrates; Lipids & Nucleic Acids


  • Topic 1: Nervous & Endocrine Systems; Circulatory, Respiratory, Lymphatic & Immune Systems; Excretory & Digestive Systems
  • Topic 2: Musculoskeletal System & Skin; Reproductive System; Molecular Biology (DNA); Microbiology (Viruses, Fungi & Bacteria)
  • Topic 3: Eukaryotic Cells; Genetics & Evolution; Biology Lab Techniques


  • Thermodynamics; Kinetics & Activation Energy; Enzyme Structure, Functions & Kinetics; Cellular Respiration; Metabolic Regulation

Psychology & Sociology:

  • Topic 1: Interacting with the Environment; Learning, Memory & Behavior
  • Topic 2: Personality Theories; Motivation; Attitude; Psychological Disorders; Self-Identity, Group-Identity & Social Structure

All students will also benefit from:

  • 5 Practice and Review Sessions to cover the different MCAT Subjects
  • Timed Practice Drills for Exam-Readiness
  • Q&A Sessions for your Questions
  • Extensive Resource Library

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